Let’s get local: eating more local foods

Some of the greatest things to do this time of year are to pick apples from an orchard, stroll through a farmers market, and get lost in a corn maze. Pretty #basic, but enjoying local harvest with friends and family are part of what makes fall such a great time of year. Apples

The term “local” in relation to food is used to describe food production and distribution that is geographically localized, rather than national or international. Local foods are not always considered “sustainable agriculture” and are not a synonym for characteristics such as fresh, healthful or socially responsible. However, there are many reasons why eating more local foods can be good for your health and the health of your community.

  1. Local foods are fresher – Not only are local foods fresher and often taste better, they last longer too.
  2. Local foods are seasonal – Deprecation leads to greater appreciation. Fresh corn in-season tastes best when you haven’t eaten it every other month of the year.
  3. Local foods usually have less environmental impact – Often times food travels thousands of miles to get to the store. Buy from local farmers to minimize your food’s environmental impact and carbon footprint.
  4. Local foods preserve green space and farmland – Buying foods grown and raised closer to home helps maintain farmland and green space in your area.
  5. Local foods support your local economy – Buying local foods keeps your money close to home and helps to build your area’s economy.

Eating only local food can prove to be challenging for many people, but making a conscious effort to understand where food comes can be empowering. To learn more about local foods near you visit Eat Local Grown.

No matter where your food came from, if you ate today, be sure to thank a farmer for #NationalFarmersDay!


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